Assembly Order
  1. Base: Select table top or wall mount position.  Attache rubber bumpers on base as required.
  2. Dryer Hook: Position hook on under side of flange.
  3. Flat Iron Wing: Position at any desired location.  In the table top configuration, place Flat Iron Wing on the back side of base flange.  In the wall mount configuration, place Flat Iron Wing between base flange and tube.
  4. Machine Screw:  Insert machine screw from the the back side of base flange, capturing Flat Iron Wing and Dryer hook.
  5. Tubes: Select tube size and position at any desired location, in line with machine screw.  Thread tube onto machine screw towards base flange and hand tighten using tube, screwdriver or coin.

Do SM Appliance Holders come in any colors other than Black?

No. Black is the stock color sold at SM. Custom colors can be ordered on request. Price is set in accordance with how many units ordered.  All custom orders require full payment and there are no returns on custom color orders.

Do SM appliance holders come assembled?

No.  SM appliance holder come packed individually.  Each Appliance Holder is easily assembled in less than 2 minutes.  Assembly directions and video’s can be found in the “HELP” page on the website.

Can additional tubes be purchased to accommodate different sized irons?

Yes.  Both the 1.5” and 2” tubes can be purchased to add versatility to your appliance holder.

What are SM's appliance holders made out of?

SM’s appliance holders are made out of laser cut cold rolled 14 gauge steel.  All iron tubes are made out of steel.  All Steel parts are E-coated black for a long and durable life.  There are no plastic or acrylic parts in SM’s appliance holder structure.